How to order the pictures from amber

Amber crumb helps you to see the picture in all splendour and the correct lighting gives you the feeling of volume. If you want to order the picture from catalogue or gallery you should choose the picture, indicate the size and send your wishes to our e-mail:

Payment ways

We accept the payment on such web-purses:
WMZ - Z348906045565
WME - E890858746275
Our WMID № 434242933230
Check the certificate
Cash on delivery
Buyer pays for commodity after getting it by mail. This way seems to be effective and convenient. The parcel arrives on your post-office. Post-office informs you about getting parcel for you. In order to get the parcel you should take your passport.
Bank remittance
The payment is carrying out by remitting money from your account to the seller account. The buyer may pay the seller receipt. Minimum requirements depend simply upon existing conditions of the concrete bank.
Postal order
Ukrpost-office has comparatively fast system of transferring money (it needs 3 hour). You may send money from the post-office where you live. The advantage of such system is getting money with passport.
Courier service
You may choose any courier service you like, which is existed in our city.